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Tough to Kill

Tough to Kill
A group of mercenaries escort a man with a million dollar bounty on his head across the African terrain. Double crosses, back stabbing, and gunfire follows.


Not so much Tough to Kill as Probably Quite Easy to Kill, as the main character gets a bullet in the leg early on in the film and is carried around alot in the jungle. Poor bloke doesn't really get a chance to prove if he's tough to kill or not until nearer the end of the film. Even then, I'd rate my chances if we had to fight it out in a sweaty jungle... Our main protagonist Martin (Luc Merenda), is a (apparently) ruthless mercenary who accepts a mission to find a hired killer who is hiding out with a group of mercenaries in a South American jungle. When members of the group get wind that there is a price on the hired Killers head things get a tad messy as they end up fighting among themselves to claim the bounty. Certainly not Joe D'Amato's finest hour but it is a fun ride nonetheless. Those expecting the usual nudity and gore from a D'Amato flick will be disappointed though, as this is a pure Boys Own testosterone fueled adventure. Not that I'm complaining, as it has all the ingredients of a staple low budget film. Bad and often hilarious dialogue. Check. Gaping plot holes. Check. Nonsensical narrative. Check. Stock footage. Check. Crap explosions. Check. And so on... Donald O'Brien, who is no stranger to low budget flicks, is great to watch as Major Hagerty. He pretty much dominates the film, outacting the entire cast (although that isn't particularly difficult). The 'specially adapted' assault course, the shootout barrel run, and saving the rabbit from drowning scenes are some of the highlights on show. The twist ending is blindingly obvious though. Pure trash fun..! NOTE: The transfer I watched was terrible. More grain, dropouts, and interference than you could shake an exploitation stick at. Although it did kind of add to the enjoyment, if like myself, it gets you yearning for the good old days of vhs.

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