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Alien Species

Alien Species
Huge Motherships from an alien species sneak ominously into orbit around Earth. Lethal bat-winged fighters descend on the planet. Citizens are abducted. Homes are destroyed. The invasion has begun! A small town sheriff, two deputies and a professor discover the alien plan. With the secret to destroy the attacking ships, there's a chance they could stop the alien invasion... for now!!!!


I may have been up really late at night, but I didn't mind 'Alien Species' at all. Its craftsmanship for such a cheap B-movie production was pretty good (although the special effects looked like they were created on a Nintendo or Sega Genesis, and then grafted onto the film), the script was interesting enough in the realm of 'alien hostile takeover' movies, and its pace never lagged for a second. While watching it, the film's ending was very ambiguous, as if this had been planned as a pilot film for a TV-series, or at the very least, a feature-length sequel. I loved the work of veteran character actors Charles Napier and Hoke Howell (the latter died shortly after the film's completion, and the death is mentioned in the end credits). Their consummate professionalism gave a classy sheen that the film otherwise didn't deserve. It's definitely worth a watch, though, to fans of both B-movies and of science fiction.

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