Yi Yi 2000

Each member of a family in Taipei asks hard questions about life's meaning as they live through everyday quandaries.

10000 Years Later 2015

Hundreds of thousands of years after the collapse of civilization, the world is a post-tech wasteland, and is inhabited by humanoid tribes. The Peace held between them is threatened by the return of Wushen, an evil shape-shifting ghost of modern technology. Wushen threatens to enslave the world population. Zhuma, a ten-year-old girl is the heroine of the story, accompanied by Zhanggong, her lion-like Tibetan Mastiff dog. Chosen, and helped by a ethereal goddess she must assemble a band of allies from the surviving tribes to fight Wushen, and stop him from gaining control over an ancient power.

Auntie Lan 1967

A young woman lost her fiancé from the plane clash , later she discover that she becomes pregnant with his baby.She question herself what should she do between keep the child safe until she give a birth or she abortion the child.

Return of the Bastard Swordsman 1984

Just when audiences thought the director couldn't get more spectacular and outrageous, he unleashed this eye-filling, mind-bending "Martial Arts World" sequel of clan rivalries, ninja atrocities, wizard sorceries, and the mythical Silkworm style that changes our hero into a veritable Spider-swordsman. The screen practically explodes with colorful characters and kung-fu -- all directed, co-written, and co-choreographed by Lu Chun-ku, and showcasing some of the best Shaw Brothers action stars. The original Bastard Swordsman was just the beginning, this superlative cult classic that out-phantasmagoricals the original.

Hwang Jin Yi 2007

The story follows Hwang Jin Yi, a kisaeng (female entertainer) who lived in 16th century Korea. Hwang Jin-Yi was a beautiful, talented and intelligent young woman who was able to read and write well, but because she was an illegitimate child, she had no other recourse but to become a kisaeng where she used her position to gain favor with the noble classes.

House of the Invisibles 2007

The inhabitants of a decrepit inner-city tenement building are terrified to discover that the malevolent spirit of a former tenant has been summoned when one of the current residents broke an unspoken vow. Now, as demolition day draws near, the enraged entity sets out to cause as much mischief as possible before the wrecking ball strikes.

A Sigh 2000

A Sigh tells the story of an affair between a struggling Chinese screenwriter and his young female assistant, its effects on his marriage and the impact on the man himself.

Singular Cay 2012

A doctor moves his family into a mansion. His wife hears weird noises at midnight, then his daughter disappears mysteriously. His detective friend begins to look into this case, only to suspect everyone in this family is somehow complicit.

Trust and Brotherhood 1972

For a long time, a modest village lives in terror because of the raids of a bunch of bandits. Miners and farmers, wanting to avoid the worst, decide to outsource all their savings to Tang's bank. These men are directly attacked by Zatoichi's intervention, a blind man who is an expert swordsman despite his infirmity, and Bruce Wong, a young fighter who returns to the village after three years of exile. At a later time, Tang finds that the bandits know all their moves because they are informed by a traitor. Suspects seem to be Ju Ju, a prostitute and cabaret singer, however, when the girl is killed by the brigands, the real culprit is revealed as Kian Chan, the bank counselor. Bruce and Zatoichi vow to kill him...


Herman Yau turns his eye on the struggles of immigrants from Mainland China in this neorealist drama, which depicts the plight of a woman forced into prostitution after her husband becomes unemployed, leading to an unflinching story about the problem of domestic violence among families living in poverty.

Hanger 2013

A dreamy girl or young woman in a cottage. Cockroaches seem to be the only thing hampering her. She fights back with a coat hanger.

Black Lizard 1981

Director Chu Yuan uses two editors and three martial arts choreographers to tell a maacabre tale of kidnapping, murder, frame-ups, and even being buried alive. Swordsmen and women struggle to save their true loves...and their sanity.

Doctor Rao 2011

Dr. Rao died on 29Th of September 2010.The funeral ceremony in Sichuan, Southwest China, lasted two days and two nights and was recorded in a rather unconventional way: 5.957 single photo shots, combined to a 7 minutes short film. It shows the funeral of an ordinary Chinese man, surrounded by his family. One witnesses the enshrined body, the cremation of the deceased and the immediate handing over afterwords of his remains to the family members. The film provides a very intimate perspective on contemporary Chinese culture, where Taoist burial rites are blended with modern secular customs. The process brings to mind a theater performance with stage, acting and scenery, embodying the transition from the living to the death.

Fury 1988

Chik (Philip Chan), Lucky (Michael Wong), Chi-to (Waise Lee), and his ex-girlfriend Ngao (Carrie Ng) who he is still sweet on but is married to Lucky now, are aiming to make a score on a deal with a Taiwan triad when things take a turn for the BLOODY because Chi-to's cousin, who arranged the deal, set them up.

Black and White Milk Cow 2004

In the wake of his father's death, Jinsheng is forced to quit school to support himself and his elderly grandmother, taking a job as a teacher in a poor village. But the only salary the elders can afford to pay him is a black-and-white milk cow. Actual money would, of course, be much better, but the young man refuses to become discouraged. Yang Dazhe, Guan Luancang and Yang Dongjing co-star in this inspiring drama from director Yang Jin.

Dong Yi 2010

Dong Yi is a 2010 South Korean historical television drama series, starring Han Hyo-joo, Ji Jin-hee, Lee So-yeon and Bae Soo-bin. About the love story between King Sukjong and Choi Suk-bin, it aired on MBC from March 22 to October 12, 2010 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 60 episodes. Dong Yi recorded solid viewership ratings in the mid-20% to 30% range, and Han won acting awards for her performance.

Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin 2004

Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin is a South Korean television series based on the life of Yi Sun-sin, starring Kim Myung-min in the title role. It aired on KBS1 from September 4, 2004 to August 28, 2005 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:45 for 104 episodes. Many times, the series filmed on location at the actual battle sites. It made extensive use of rendered images and a reconstruction of a turtle ship. Due to the preparation needed, the show took many months to produce.

Yi San 2007

Yi San, also known as Wind of the Palace, is a 2007 South Korean historical drama, starring Lee Seo-jin, Han Ji-min, Park Eun-hye, and Lee Jong-soo. It aired on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation from September 17, 2007 to June 16, 2008 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55. The series was produced by Lee Byeong-Hoon, who also produced award-winning television series Dae Jang Geum. It won "Top Excellence Acting Award" for Lee Seo Jin and "Best Actress" for Han Ji-min at MBC's Acting Awards.

Hwang Jin Yi 2006

The story of Hwang Jin Yi, the famous 16th century Gisaeng. This story is about the life of Joseon-era dancer, musician and poet, Hwang Jin Yi, who seeks perfection in her art relentlessly and the hardship facing women due to their lowly social status. Hwang Jin Yi is the illegitimate child of a noble and Heon Keum, a noted musician gisaneg. The story centers on the four men in her life and her pursue in the art of dancing. Her first love with a nobleman's son Kim Eun Ho ends in tragedy. Her love affair with Kim Jung Han does not have a happy ending either. Byuk Kye Soo is the Emporer's relative who are obsessed with her and tried every trick but still could not have her. Finally there is her devoted bodyguard Yi Saeng who never deserted her in times of need. Meanwhile, there is Bu Yong who not only is Hwang Ji Yi's rival in dancing but also in love.

Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2016

Can the best thief steal a woman’s heart? Xiao Shi Yi Lang is a happy-go-lucky thief who steals from the rich to give to the poor. While on the hunt for a legendary saber known as the Deer Carver, he meets the beautiful Shen Bi Jun, a great martial artist.

The Interpreter 2016

She knows what she wants and is determined to go after it. Qiao Fei is a French postgraduate student who dreams of becoming a professional interpreter. Her mentor during her schooling in Paris is Cheng Jia Yang, the son of a foreign minister and a genius French interpreter. Their budding romance is complicated when Qiao Fei’s ex-boyfriend, Gao Jia Ming, happens to be Jia Yang’s adopted brother, and Jia Yang’s family thinks Wen Xiao Hua is much more suited for Jia Yang’s station in life. With the support of his friend, Wang Xu Dong, can Jia Yang stand up to his family and follow his heart?

Xia Gan Yi Dan Shen Jianxin 2018

Shen Jianxin is a security guard for Rye Scent Village, an average youth determined to become a legendary hero. While paying his respects at the prestigious Pure Yang Palace of Jianghu, he learned the palace’s ancestral secret manuals by accident. However, he was unaware of the power he gained. Thus, he entered Jianghu and gradually matured while experiencing the turmoil of Jianghu during the prosperous Tang Dynasty. An obscure security guard with unparalleled martial arts in Jianghu: who knows what storms are ahead?

The Unforgettable Memory

The Unforgettable Memory is a popular mega primetime drama produced by Formosa TV that was originally broadcast in Taiwan from 22 September 2004 to 28 September 2006.

The Empress of the Dynasty

The Empress of the Dynasty is a Taiwanese television series based on the life of Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in Chinese history. Directed by Li Yueh-fung and produced by Lin Hui-chun, the series starred Angela Pan as Wu Zetian. It was first broadcast in Taiwan on CTV from November 18, 1985 to January 10, 1986.

The Goddess of Fire 2013

Goddess of Fire is a 2013 South Korean television series starring Moon Geun-young, Lee Sang-yoon, Kim Bum, Park Gun-hyung, Seo Hyun-jin, Jun Kwang-ryul, Jeong Bo-seok, Byun Hee-bong, Han Go-eun, and Lee Kwang-soo. It airs on MBC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 32 episodes beginning July 1, 2013. The historical drama depicts the life and love of Yoo Jung, who is based on real-life 16th century historical figure Baek Pa-sun, renowned as the first female potter and porcelain artist in the Joseon Dynasty. Baek's glazing skills were so prized, she was appointed as a china maker for the royal family. But her fame also attracted the attention of foreign invaders, and during the Japanese invasion in 1592, she was among the Korean artisans captured and forcibly taken to Japan and made to continue their craft there. Under Toyotomi Hideyoshi's orders to enrich Japanese arts and culture, Baek helped the advancement of many new types of pottery that would be claimed as Japanese works of art. She became well-respected in Japan, and there exists a shrine in the city of Arita dedicated to her.

1 vs. 100 2008

In 2008 and 2010, Hunan Satellite Television produced the Chinese version of 1 vs. 100, which has the same name as the Hong Kong version, called 以一敌百. The first season was aired between March 5 and July 31, 2008 and the second season was premiered on April 15, 2010 and ended on December 23, 2010. The host was Wang Han in season 1 and Ren Jun in season 2.

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin 2016

Medical examiner Qin Ming, together with his assistant and a police detective, solves crimes with his expertise.

The Advisors Alliance 2017

The story of Sima Yi, a great politician and strategist who lived during the Three Kingdoms era. By his side, Sima Yi has his politically-astute distaff members of his household, and pitted against them are the formidable Cao Cao and his heirs. After defending the Kingdom of Wei from Kongming formidable talents, who will end up with the ultimate power?

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