Kiddin' the Kitten 1952

A lazy and fat cat, named Dodsworth is ordered by his mistress to catch mice that have invaded her home and terrorizing her. Dodsworth doesn't want to condescend to personal physical effort to catch the mice; so, he dons a professor's hat and dupes a kitten into doing the job for him, on the pretext that he's a teacher who is giving the kitten a valuable learning experience.

The Sick Kitten 1903

A simple scene of two rather flamboyantly-dressed Edwardian children attempting to feed a spoonful of medicine to a sick kitten. The film is important for being one of the earliest films to cut to a close-up, then back again to the same medium shot as before.

Switchin' Kitten 1961

Tom becomes fearless when he feels like going into the eerie castle.

Smitten Kitten 1952

Tom's in love again, and Jerry's devil conscience reminds him of times this has happened in the past (which, of course, we see, in the form of clips from earlier shorts), and how that's been nothing but trouble for Jerry.

Kitten with a Whip 1964

Jody, a juvenile delinquent, escapes from reform school by stabbing a matron and attempting to burn down the building and then takes refuge in a house owned by an ambitious politician David Patton. Despite the hellcat's ample charms, the would-be officeholder wants nothing to do with her and tries to drive her away. She responds by shortly returning to his house accompanied by a gang of delinquent pals and taking him hostage. A sudden act of violence causes more trouble, leading Jody and her gang to hijack David and force him to drive a getaway car to Mexico.

Mouse-Placed Kitten 1959

A kitten is dropped in a sack out of a car and rolls down a hill, to arrive at the door of Clyde and Matilda Mouse...

A Kitten For Hitler 2007

The result of a challenge from Melvyn Bragg to write a film that Ken Russell himself would be eager to see banned, was A Kitten For Hitler – a 10-minute short in which a plucky young Jewish boy traverses the globe on a quest to warm the Führer's heart with the gift of a cuddly feline.

Kitten Witch 2016

A precocious kitten wants to be a witch's familiar and must pass a test or she will forever be just simple cat, but the witch sees something in the kitten she does not expect.

Kitten Party 2010

Meet Whiskers and all of his kitten friends as they throw a fun filled Kitten Party! Educational for kids Fun for animal lovers of all ages! Over 50 kittens from a dozen different breeds. Hilarious kitten antics and cuddly kitten moments! Three sing-along kitten songs! Two bonus playpen chapters for more kitten fun! Shot in high definition!

Who's Kitten Who? 1952

A baby kangaroo, Hippety Hopper, breaks free from a crate at the Zoo Office and hops into the house of Sylvester Cat and his son, Junior. They mistake Hippety for a giant mouse, and Sylvester is pummelled again and again by the playful kangaroo, causing Junior to put a paper bag over his head in shame for his father.

Kitten in a Cage 1968

A woman is caught in the middle of a plot by thieves to steal a fortune she doesn’t really know about in this sexploitation opus.

The 13th Kitten 2006

The Queen Witch is plotting to stop time and rule the world forever with the help of a magic potion, containing 13 newts, 13 toads and 13 kittens. But she only has 12 kittens and with the help of her army of Karate Witches she sets out to capture the 13th kitten and complete the spell.

Kitten Bowl III 2016

Hallmark Channel presents the nation's most athletic, adorable and adoptable kittens in a claws-out, paws-out showdown for Kitten Bowl III.

The Kitten Sitter 1949

Fido, a dumb-but-faithful dog, agrees to kitten-sit while Mother Cat is out of the house but she is barely gone before the high-strung kittens lead poor Fido on a merry chase. Fido ends up in the dog-pound slammer and the kittens manage his escape, only to land him into trouble again. Mama Cat gets home and, unaware of the bad day Fido has gone through, tells him he can have a steady job of minding her kittens.

Pudgy and the Lost Kitten 1938

I Think This Needs to be shared worldwide, its owned by public domain like every other betty boop cartoon except this was thought to be one of the lost cartoons. Voice is by Kate Wright. Its basically mostly about pudgy the dog, Betty Boop is mainly unseen in this cartoon she makes a few small appearances from the beginning to the end, other than the cat from an earlier betty boop cartoon called happy you & merry me makes a return also with his mother.

An Evening With Kitten 1983

Fantasize to your Heart's Content as you watch the Incredible Kitten Natividad Frolic in this Hilarious Burlesque Extravaganza.

Atomic Kitten - Live at Wembley 2004

Set List: 1. Be With You / 2. It's OK! / 3. Don't Go Breaking My Heart / 4. Somebody Like You / 5. Love Doesn't Have to Hurt / 6. If You Come to Me 7. The Last Goodbye / 8. I Won't Be There / 9. Nothing in the World / 10. Right Now / 11. Lovin' You / 12. Always Be My Baby / 13. Everything Goes Round / 14. Eternal Flame / 15. Someone Like Me / 16. Believer / 17. Feels So Good / Holiday / 18. Whole Again / 19. The Tide is High (Get the Feeling) / 20. Ladies Night Videos: 1. Right Now / 2. See Ya / 3. I Want Your Love / 4. Follow Me / 5. Whole Again / 6. Eternal Flame / 7. You Are / 8. It's OK! / 9. The Tide is High (Get the Feeling) / 10. The Last Goodbye / 11. Be With You / 12. Love Doesn't Have to Hurt / 13. If You Come to Me / 14. Ladies Night / 15. Right Now 2004 / 16. Somebody Like Me / 17. Whole Again (Original Version) / 18. Cradle

Tiger Mom 2015

Luo Qian Qian may be spoiled, but that all comes to an end when her mother Bi Sheng discovers academic competition is fierce in elementary school. Determined to make up for lost time, Bi Sheng transforms into a fierce "tiger mom" hell bent on excellence at all costs. In contrast, Qian Qian's father Luo Su believes their daughter's happiness ranks higher than her academic performance. Meanwhile, both sets of grandparents weigh in, while Luo Su's gentle ex resurfaces.

Kittens in a Cage

Ukulele-playing bad girl Junie Butler gets muscled into prison by her rat fink friends. Abandoned by all, she turns to the warm embrace of her pyromaniac cellmate as they plot to escape from a power hungry prison matron and an axe-murdering beauty queen.

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