The Punisher 2004

When undercover FBI agent Frank Castle's wife and son are slaughtered, he becomes 'the Punisher' -- a ruthless vigilante willing to go to any length to avenge his family.

The Punisher 1989

The avenging angel of Marvel Comics fame comes brilliantly to life in this searing action-adventure thriller! Dolph Lundgren stars as Frank Castle, a veteran cop who loses his entire family to a mafia car bomb. Only his ex-partner believes Castle survived the blast to become THE PUNISHER ... a shadowy, invincible fighter against evil who lives for total revenge on his mob enemies.

Punisher: War Zone 2008

Waging his one-man war on the world of organized crime, ruthless vigilante-hero Frank Castle sets his sights on overeager mob boss Billy Russoti. After Russoti is left horribly disfigured by Castle, he sets out for vengeance under his new alias: Jigsaw. With the "Punisher Task Force" hot on his trail and the FBI unable to take Jigsaw in, Frank must stand up to the formidable army that Jigsaw has recruited before more of his evil deeds go unpunished.

Punisher: Hell Tickets 2008

Punisher has a chance to finally caught and kill the true killer of his wife and son. Help will suddenly arrive in Nick Fury... This is tirst Croatian Fan Film based upon a Marvel Comic Book "The Punisher".

The Punisher: No Mercy 2013

Expect no deals and no mercy as Frank Castle (Shawn Baichoo) pursues his brutal crusade of justice against drug lord, Dominic Duran and his psychotic lieutenant, Vinny Rizzo after they manage to out-maneuver a broken legal system and take out a rival gang using the services of the lethal assassin-for-hire, Elektra (Goldfarb). They think they're above the law, and they may be right, but they're not above punishment. They're not above The Punisher!

Punished 2011

Real estate tycoon Wong Ho-Chiu (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang) suffers great pain when his daughter Daisy (Janice Man) is kidnapped and killed. Wong Ho-Chiu turns to his trusted bodyguard Chor (Richie Ren) to seek out the perpetrators and exact revenge. Wong Ho-Chiu goes one step further and orders Chor to videotape each of their executions. Once Chor tracks down the final perpetrator Wong Ho-Chiu decides to kill that person himself. When Wong Ho-Chiu learns about the perpetrator’s past, he has second thoughts …

The Lady Punisher 1994

The carefree days of a happy lesbian Hong Kong couple are over when they are attacked by three drug dealers while enjoying a swim; the girls are raped and one of them is killed. Three years later, the surviving girl, now a boutique owner, accidentally runs across one of those men, and decides this is the perfect opportunity to take her revenge.

Punisher 1969

A sad story about a series of tragic events which happened in Greece during the seventies.

Days of Wrath 2013

Back in his high school days, Joon-Seok (Joo Sang-Wook) was bullied by Chang-Sik (Yang Dong-Geun). Because of this, Joon-Seok's high school days were like a nightmare. Now, Joon-Seok finds it difficult to live a normal life due to the bullying. Meanwhile, Chang-Sik, who has forgotten what he did to Jeon-Seok, lives a relatively happy life. He is about to marry Ji-Hee (Lee Tae-Im). Joon-Seok will pay him back for all the misery.

High-Heeled Punishers 1995

A woman is being sexually assaulted by a pair of thugs, when out of the fog appear the High Heeled Cats – a trio of avenging angels, masked and dressed in black. These beautiful vigilantes make a living running a coffee shop by day, and kicking misogynist criminals in the balls by night. Their boss is an elderly lady offering a payback service to women who have been mistreated by men. The cops can’t be seen to allow this kind of behavior, but they are increasingly frustrated with the lack of clues that might lead to the identity of the trio – despite the fact that the two detectives on the case visit the coffee shop daily, to flirt with and grope the waitresses, and drink the occasional cup of coffee. The high heeled honeys eventually bite off more than they can chew when they get on the bad side of a ruthless gangster, who sets a creepy assassin on their trail.

Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman: The Birth of Gautaman 1994

Mari Amachi is a very devout Christian who transfers to Perfect Religion Academy. A school devoted to all religions of the world in effort to make it's students the next world leaders in religion. Her friend Saori is kidnapped by the Black Buddha cult; a group who wishes to take away religious freedom though force and brainwashing. Mari prays to God for help but Buddha answers the call, instead! Mari aspires only to help her friend and she is transformed into Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gotaman. Between fighting bad guys, making a deal with Buddha, and wearing scandalous costumes, is it more then Mari can take?

Puncture Wounds 2014

After returning home from a traumatic tour of duty in Iraq, John finds himself struggling with PTSD. What little peace he had managed to build around him is shattered one fateful day when he rescues a local call girl from a group of violent Aryan Brotherhood pimps. Having killed several of the high-ranking brotherhood during the rescue, John and his family are now the prime targets of Hollis, the ruthless criminal leader of the group.

The Punished 2018

Wolfgang, a professional mercenary for hire is thrust in the middle of a local dispute when hired by a wealthy benefactor. But when he develops a friendship with a young orphan and a local tour guide, he is torn between his loyalty to violence for money, and righting wrongs in the name of innocents.

All Nudity Shall Be Punished 1973

A rich, spoiled young man encounters a prostitute, and gets confused about the nature of his feelings for her; he can't decide between attraction, and repulsion.

A Moonlight Serenade 1904

Pierrot goes to the house of his love to serenade her, but her father kicks him out. Soon the moon and its goddess Diana come towards the man and offers him something better.

Tenchu: Ninja of Justice 2014

A politician gives a speech in a shopping district full of shoppers. Suddenly, a man wielding a knife bursts out from among the shoppers and tries to kill those around him. To stop the man, Masako Murata (Pinko Izumi) tries to approach him, but her friends stop her. Meanwhile, a woman, who looks like a homeless person, appears in front of him and tells him "if you want to kill, then kill me." The man is about to stab her, but the woman opens her eyes. At the moment, blood bursts from the man's arm. The woman is about to kill him, but Masako Murata stops her and the woman leaves. Later, Masako Murata finds the woman collapsed on the street. Masako decides to take the woman to her house. There, Masako sees that the woman is injured in her back and also notices heavy despair in her eyes. The woman's name is Sana (Yuriko Ono). Sana is a ninja that has arrived in present day Japan. She now follows Masako Murata as her new boss and attempts to eradicate evil that is rampant in modern society.

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