I'm Starting from Three 1981

Gaetano, giovane napoletano, decide di lasciare casa, lavoro ed amici, per cercare altri momenti di vita e conoscere altre persone. Arriva a Firenze, a casa della zia. In un ambulatorio, dove capita per caso, conosce Marta e se ne innammora. Dopo una serie di divertenti situazioni (un vecchio amico dalla parlantina inarrestabile arriva da Napoli; la matura zia ed il suo attempato amante; un giovane prete Americano che vuole coinvolgerlo per forza nelle sue visite evangeliche; l'incontro con Riccardino, un giovane frustrato da una madre oppressiva; il padre che aspetta il miracolo della ricrescita di una mano amputata; etc.) Gaetano decide di restare a Firenze e di fare da padre al figlio che Marta aspetta, anche se la ragazza non vuole rivelare con esattezza il nome del padre.

Tre Uomini e una Gamba 1997

Three friends - Aldo, Giovanni, and Giacomo - have to travel from Milan to Gallipoli, in Apulia, for Giacomo's wedding. The bride's father, who is Aldo and Giovanni's employer and father-in-law as well, is a rich and vulgar businessman who mistreats his sons-in-law and has given them the task of bringing him a wooden leg, the work of a famous artist.

Black Sabbath 1964

Three short tales of supernatural horror. In “The Telephone,” a woman is plagued by threatening phone calls. In "The Wurdalak,” a family is preyed upon by vampiric monsters. In “The Drop of Water,” a deceased medium wreaks havoc on the living.

Three Tigers Against Three Tigers 1977

Don Cimbolano - a priest in a small town. Oscar - a offender escaped from prison. Philip - attorney loser. They don't lose heart and find ways out of the most incredible situations.

Three Touches 2014

Several actors are members of a amateur soccer team. They followed in their preparations for a particular audition and in their personal life. With about 6 actors this delivers a broad picture of Italian life in which the question what it means to be a man is posed in the challenging circumstances of familily life, sex relationships, sport, cross gender roles and mafia.

Three Brothers 1981

In a farmhouse in southern Italy, an old woman dies. Her husband summons their sons: from Rome, Raffaele, a judge facing a political case for which he risks assassination; from Naples, the religious and ideological Rocco, a counselor at a correctional institute for boys; from Turin, Nicola, a factory worker involved in labor disputes. Once home, each encounters the past and engages in reveries of what may come: Raffaele imagines his death, Rocco dreams of lifting the youth of Naples out of violence, drugs, and corruption, Nicola pictures embracing his estranged wife. Meanwhile, the old man and his young granddaughter explore the rhythms of the farm and grieve together.

Three Nights of Love 1964

Omnibus film with individual segments directed by Renato Castellani, Luigi Comencini and Franco Rossi; all of them starring the radiant Catherine Spaak as "out of place" women longing for love, in a Sicillian village, a monastery, and a modern Italian urban setting, respectively.

Luna di miele in tre 1976

Close to the honeymoon, hotel waiter wins a stay in Jamaica with a pin-up. Direction directed by Carlo Vanzina, with the star of "Deep Throat".

Tre små piger 1966

Grev Rambow har mistet sin formue og må nu bo til leje sammen med sine tre døtre, Beate, Marie og Annette. Grevens eneste håb er, at døtrene gifter sig tilbage til fordums rigdom. Så da tre bejlere melder sig, bliver de nøje målt og vejet. Alt går som planlagt, indtil den rige Hertuginde de Groos vil have sit skvat af en søn gift med Beate. Den desperate greve slår straks til. Men Beate er forelsket i en anden, og nu må pigerne stå sammen, så de alle kan få den, de elsker. Det er en sand stjernebesætning, der stiller op til den sang-, sjov- solfyldte ”Tre Små Piger” - baseret på Walter Kollos operette fra 1927. Instruktør Ebbe Langberg har æren af at instruere Poul Bundgaard, Susse Wold, Malene Schwartz, Daimi, Ove Sprogøe, Bodil Udsen, Karl Stegger og ikke mindst sin 26-årige lillebror, Jesper Langberg i en film, der er lige dele underholdende lystspil og imponerende flot udstyrsstykke. Stærke kræfter bag en musikalsk storfilm - på DVD i Nordisk Films 100-års jubilæumsår.

Three Summers 2006

Jørgen lives abroad, but every summer he comes back to Denmark with his wife. He invites, as usual, his neighbours and their teenager son,Thomas, for dinner at his place. Only, this time there is a strange tension in the air between the adults. After dinner, Jørgen and Thomas go to the beach for a walk. They discover that both have secret problems, and the fact they cannot talk about them is creating great stress. As they disclose their secrets to each other, a friendship starts. But through the course of the next two summers their relationship develops in a way they would never have expected.

All for Three 2017

Nikolaj is now an civilian, and likes his new job as preschool-teacher. Timo is seperate from his Wife Lonnine, and the social workers threats to break his rigtg to see his son Heino. If is not pay five yeas "child-support-money" with he has not paid. One day the brother father Arno, dies and they find out the have an unknowen brother in Italy, with is the sole seated legacy to the motorcycle, and the heist goes to steal it.

Three Wishes 1960

Oskar and Mona meet when they come to the Academy of Music to see if they have been accepted, he as a piano student, she a singing student. They become a couple and married but soon there are the frictions. Mona gets hundred crowns from her father, because he thinks she has become so charmless. For it, she buys a perfume called Three Wishes.

Noi tre 1984

The adolescence of Mozart is chronicled in this Italian biopic. Here, young Wolfgang is seen as a prodigy who aspires to a normal life. He is studying music in Bologna when he falls in love with a local girl and makes friends with a boy his own age. Mozart is so elated that he fails a music exam on purpose so he can stay a little longer. Unfortunately, a priest rigs his test and the young composer is forced to move on.

Tre kronor 1994

Tre kronor was a Swedish soap opera that aired on TV4 during the period 1994-1999. The series took place in the fictive middle class suburb Mälarviken, located in the vicinity of Stockholm. The exteriors were filmed in Sätra, a suburb of Stockholm, and the interiors were filmed in a studio in Kvarnholmen as well as in Kungens Kurva. Tre kronor aired at the same time period as Rederiet was on SVT and the shows where rivals of the viewers and they both had around 1-2 million viewers. TV4 started Tre kronor in 1994 to compete for the viewers of Rederiet. The signature tune was written by Lasse Holm. The spin-off movie Reine och Mimmi i fjällen! was based on two of the characters; Reine and Mimmi. The series had a dramatic ending where all the characters besides six were fatally wounded in a suicide bombing that took place at the local restaurant Tre Kronor. It was a priest himself who was the perpetrator. Two big cliffhangers in the series was when Hans Wästberg, played by Ulf Brunnberg, robbed the post office and shot his son Hans-Åke by mistake. Hans Wästberg was taken to prison and disappeared from the series after the second season. Season Three ended with Sirpa "Bimbo" Koskinen, the girlfriend of Hans-Åke Wästberg, died in a bus crash. Salongo played by Richard Sseruwagi was a refugee and a rich business man from Uganda who fell in love with a married police woman Lena Sjökvist played by Catharine Hansson and he later bought the restaurant Tre Kronor. Later in the series, Salongo buys another restaurant and he to disappeares from the series.

The Three Friends and Jerry 1999

The Three Friends and Jerry is an animated television series which aired in the United States on Fox Family, Nickelodeon in the UK and Latin America and TG4 in Ireland. A Swedish/British co-production, the series was created by Magnus Carlsson and produced by Happy Life Productions and TV Loonland.

En fyra för tre 1996

En fyra för tre is a Swedish television series from 1996. It is based on the American sitcom Three's Company. The series was released on DVD in 2008.

Due per tre

Due per tre is an Italian television series.

Tuscan Passion 2012

A story of murder, conspiracy and secrets but above all about a great love story; Tuscan Passion tells the story of an impossible love between Aurora Taviani and Alessandro Monforte. Both belong to enemy families and both are divided by a history of blood and mystery.

Tre brødre som ikke er brødre 2005

Tre brødre som ikke er brødre is a Norwegian comedy television show which ran for six episodes during the autumn of 2005 on the Norwegian state channel NRK. It featured noted comedians Harald Eia, Bård Tufte Johansen and Atle Antonsen.

Star Trek 1966

Space. The Final Frontier. The U.S.S. Enterprise embarks on a five year mission to explore the galaxy. The Enterprise is under the command of Captain James T. Kirk with First Officer Mr. Spock, from the planet Vulcan. With a determined crew, the Enterprise encounters Klingons, Romulans, time paradoxes, tribbles and genetic supermen lead by Khan Noonian Singh. Their mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.

The Triplets 1994

Anna, Teresa and Helena are naughty triplets that always get into a mess. As punishment the Bored Witch sends the girls into a fairy tale in order to learn the lesson.

Family Affair 1966

Family Affair is an American sitcom that aired on CBS from September 12, 1966 to September 9, 1971. The series explored the trials of well-to-do civil engineer and bachelor Bill Davis as he attempted to raise his brother's orphaned children in his luxury New York City apartment. Davis' traditional English gentleman's gentleman, Mr. Giles French, also had adjustments to make as he became saddled with the responsibility of caring for 15-year-old Cissy and the 6-year-old twins, Jody and Buffy. The show ran for 138 episodes. Family Affair was created and produced by Don Fedderson, also known for My Three Sons and The Millionaire.

One Tree Hill 2003

Set in the fictional small town of Tree Hill, North Carolina, this teen-driven drama tells the story of two half brothers, who share a last name and nothing else. Brooding, blue-collar Lucas is a talented street-side basketball player, but his skills are appreciated only by his friends at the river court. Popular, affluent Nathan basks in the hero-worship of the town, as the star of his high school team. And both boys are the son of former college ball player, Dan Scott, whose long ago choice to abandon Lucas and his mother Karen, will haunt him long into his life with wife Deb, and their son Nathan. Until now, Dan has managed to keep his two sons far from each other. But the past and present collide sharply when Tree Hill's basketball coach recruits Lucas for his team, much to the chagrin of Nathan and Daddy Dan. And the siblings natural rivalry only intensifies when they set their sights on the same girl, Peyton Sawyer. The residue of the past lingers far into the future for the residents of Tree Hill, even as a new generation is rising. Tree Hill follows the lives and loves of these two brothers, their friends and their family as they navigate high school, marriage, and finally... adulthood.

My Three Sons 1960

A widower and aeronautical engineer named Steven Douglas raises three sons with the help of his father-in-law, and later the boys' great-uncle. An adopted son, a stepdaughter, wives, and another generation of sons join the loving family in later seasons.

Three's Company 1977

Three's Company is an American sitcom that aired from March 15, 1977, to September 18, 1984, on ABC. It is based on the British sitcom, Man About the House. The story revolves around three single roommates: Janet Wood, Chrissy Snow and Jack Tripper who all platonically share Apartment 201 in a Santa Monica, California apartment building owned by Mr. and Mrs. Roper. Later, following Suzanne Somers's departure, Jenilee Harrison joined the cast as Cindy Snow, who was later replaced by Priscilla Barnes as Terri Alden. After the Ropers were spun-off into their own sitcom, Don Knotts joined the cast as the roommates' new landlord Ralph Furley, brother of the new building owner, Bart Furley. The show, a comedy of errors, chronicles the escapades and hijinks of the trio's constant misunderstandings, social lives, and struggle to keep up with the rent.

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